We would like to introduce you to mtek media, Inc.

mtek was founded by Mark Mahaffey in 2006 while he was a freshman in high school. In February of 2009, Mark won the prestigious TechColumbus Innovation Award (and $2,500) for high school students. In June of 2009, he graduated from Dublin Jerome High School in Dublin, Ohio. Mark is now running mtek full-time while taking college courses directly related to entrepreneurship.

According to Consumer Reports commercial services will cost you $15 to $25 per tape to convert your tapes to DVDs. mtek media only charges $13 per tape!

Everyone seems to have tapes sitting around that they do not view. Let mtek media help you by getting those tapes onto easily viewable DVDs!

Here is your next step. Simply call us. We will pick up your tapes if you are local to the Columbus market (you may also mail your tapes directly to mtek) or you can drop them off at our office. In about two to four weeks, you get your tapes back (in a sealable plastic container for preservation) and a set of DVDs.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!